Studies for “The encounter”

Today I am sharing a series of studies for “The Encounter” one of my recent narrative pieces.

The first is the original graphite sketchbook study done a while back. I revisited the image last summer and developed it into a small silverpoint drawing. Before deciding on silverpoint, I explored several media options including subtractive charcoal, although it translated well to charcoal, the small format is not the ideal. This summer I plan to develop a large subtractive charcoal version.

The process of working with the same image in different mediums and sizes is not unusual for me. When it comes to working with complex multiple figure narratives, my preference is to work with the same image in a series of studies before committing the large final piece. This allows me to refine the composition and its correlation to form and content better as well as the way media and scale can affect the response of the viewer.


2 thoughts on “Studies for “The encounter”

  1. I love how subtle the values in the silverpoint are. Also, the relationship between the forms is much more clear in that version. I see a lot more play between the figure and ground shapes.


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