Reflecting on goals for this blog

I am currently enrolled in the Blogging 201 course through WordPress Blogging U. This is the third Blogging U course I have participated in and the focus of this class is on “Branding and Growth”.

I started blogging a little over a year ago, with the intention of writing about my reflections on drawing while showcasing my work. My initial goals for this blog were and still are the following:

  • To have a presence on the web as an artist
  • To share  thoughts and knowledge through writings about drawing
  • To create meaningful instructional content about drawing for my students and online readers
  • To network with other artists and art enthusiasts

My blog posts feature the following:

  • My own drawings and written reflections on the process of creating them
  • Instructional articles on drawing processes and techniques
  • Interviews with featured artists
  • Thoughts and reflections on drawing in general

In addition to regularly published articles I set out to create static pages that could work as a webpage to showcase my work and divide it into different series. The development of these static pages is something I intend to focus on while taking Blogging 201.

If my blog exceeded my expectations I would have a strong network with art professionals and enthusiasts through this site. My web presence would lead to professional development on many fronts from gaining notoriety as a fine artist to possible exhibition and  publishing opportunities.  I am also convinced that simply showcasing my work and  writing about it will strengthen my studio work.

While participating in Blogging 201, I would like to work on the following goals:

  • To launch a Facebook page to complement the blog and expand my audience by the end of December 2015.
  • To enhance and add static pages to showcase some of my current and past drawings.
  • To launch the featured artist series by the beginning of the year for which I intend to write 2 to 3 articles a year.

I am certain that working on this with fellow bloggers under the guidance of WordPress staff will be a positive experience and am excited about how blogging will help pave the road of what is to come on my journey as an artist.

The road ahead

Adriana Burgos, sketchbook drawing from direct observation in graphite

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Thoughts on blogging

IMG_3396It’s been a while since I’ve been meaning to have a presence on the web as an artist. After much thought, I decided that the best venue for me would be a blog instead of a static website. Over the years, I found that I learn more from artists’ blogs than I do their websites (I’ll confess that I can spend a little too much time on the Internet looking at artwork and doing research for my classes). I like reading about other people’s creative process and find it very enriching. This is why when I finally got around to presenting myself as an artist online, I chose to blog. After researching several platforms, I decided to use because here, I could have the blogroll component as well as static pages.

I launched The Drawing Page and published my very first post about two months ago in early September. I have learned a lot through the process of setting up and writing in this medium. Fortunately, Blogging 101 was being offered in September and it was perfect timing for me. The class has helped me understand the dynamics of blogging.

I had no idea what it meant to be in the blogosphere until last month. Looking at blogs as an outsider is a whole different experience than from the inside. The sense of community among bloggers took me by surprise, the interaction is very positive and encouraging. This new interaction has led me to find blogs I enjoy that are not necessarily art related, but have to do with some of my other interests or with thoughtful reflections on many aspects of life. The setup through word press in which there are suggested blogs for different topics and tips on many aspects of blogging has allowed me to discover new artists and meaningful articles of all types.

I have been inspired by many of these sites, I find many writers witty and very interesting. One thing most bloggers have in common is creativity and self drive.

Certainly blogging is a commitment and takes work, but I agree with many other bloggers that the opportunity to reflect on whatever the site’s topic is, can help anyone grow as a human being and somehow become more organized and accountable with ones own goals.

Why blog about drawing?

Drawing has always been a central part of my life. Here I am decades ago, working on a figurative piece. To the day, I am still fascinated with figures in motion and continue to learn from artists who inspire me.



Here I am, age six drawing in our porch.


I was inspired by my oldest sister Sara and wanted so badly to draw like her!

As a child, my passions were playing outside, reading, drawing, nature and all kinds of sports. Throughout elementary school I dreamed of being a writer, I sort of still do….

My pursuit of a Fine Arts career was driven by my love for drawing and aspirations of living a creative life. In my formation as a graphic designer at the University of Costa Rica, drawing was emphasized in the program. In my painting practice, preparatory sketches (from thumbnails to fully developed value drawings) are important and lately my studio work is mainly composed of drawings.

drills sketchbook

Sketchbook 2- page spread. Drawings from direct observation during karate class.

sparring drillswp

“Sparring Drills” 2012 38.5″ x 29.5″ charcoal and pastel on paper. This drawing was based on the sketchbook page above.

I am currently a professor in the Foundation Studies program at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Working with a diverse group of students allows me to reflect on the role of drawing in different art and design fields, without forgetting that it’s an activity that helps individuals develop further as human beings.

This blog will include my reflections on drawing as an artist, instructor and constant learner.  I would like to post weekly on this blog and reinforce my studio practice through writing. As I continue on this journey, I am ready to share my insights and connect with other people who practice drawing in one way or another. I am also very excited about the prospect of fulfilling my writing dreams through blogging!

Thank you for visiting.