Geometric forms explorations

Here is another post featuring drawings by me and one of my sons. Like my previous entry, this is a lead to an upcoming article on children and drawing.

In my last Sunday sketchbook feature I shared some collaborative sketchbook pages from 2010, featuring drawings  by Nicolas (then 7) and I. Today I am sharing some recent sketchbook pages showing cube constructions and geometric form explorations by me and my 9 year old son Felipe.  I have been practicing for a class I am teaching this quarter called Drawing for Design. As it turns out, Felipe loves geometric forms and is really inspired, every time he sees me working on exercises he takes over my sketchbook.

I find it interesting that both my children love making art, but their motivations for drawing are so different. Felipe likes abstract shapes and forms and loves playing with fonts too. Nicolas is all about the story and character design. When I asked Felipe why he loves drawing geometric constructions so much he said it was because they are about area and 3-D form. I find his insights very impressive.

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